After 5 years, Cambodian Psych-Out finally makes its debut!



New 14 track Cambodian rock compilation now available!
It features the vocal stylings of Srei Sothear and Sin Sisamouth
on top of the most groovy, twangy and fuzziest music you will ever hear.

Audio previews

Side A
Side B
Month After Month Always Busy, Can't Go Out
As Young Woman Wanted
Now 31 Years Old So No Good
Maxy Maxy (Pretty Woman)
Marrison (Classic)
Power of Her Eye
Go-Go Dance
Enjoy Now While You're Young
If you Wish To Love Me Don't Laugh or Cry
Please Tell Me How Much You Love Me
Don't Worry Just Be Happy and Happy
Sweet Sixteen
Gentlemen Chill Out at Bar
Wooly Bully

The limited edition beautifully packaged LP is available at select record shops around the world.
Available on vinyl only.
All profits will go to land mine removal funding.

Second pressing sold out!
Look for a copy at your local record shop, or Email us if you're interested in a CD version, which we're considering...