Fungus of Terror
Fungus of Terror

Release Date December 7, 2007

This full length 4 track LP (1 Original and 3 Remakes) is Defective Record's 32nd release and the 2nd in its “Defective Experiments” side project. Deeply underground, presumed dead, during the dormant years the label’s roots crept into uncharted ground with “Fungus of Terror”, and the 1st shared release “Cambodian Psych-Out”. Going beyond their 90’s electronic mutations into electro/acoustic realms, this release of original material, its first from the 21st century, is an exploration in alien soundscapes of psychotropic tempos, murky hypnotic beats, distorted guitars, space funk and cinematic atmospheres.

After 6 years of gathering remixes from definitive artists in their genre, Defective Records (the first electronic music label in Baltimore, est. 1994) succeeds in producing a platter that brilliantly reflects their ever expanding tastes. The remixes explore new worlds of weirdness from Tipsy's (Asphodel, Ipecac) lush exotic electronika voyage thru the fungus, Solar X's (Worm Interface, Hymen, Art-Tek, Defective) mushroom cloud of hyper ballistic brain melting beats to Snakeoiler's (Billawtm and Cotton Casino, Acid Mothers Temple) soaring, spore filled, spacerock supermix.

Put all this on green wax and slip it in a tripped out sleeve with original cover art by Bobby BeauSoleil (Lucifer Rising) and you have a truly unique piece of vinyl designed to enhance your perception and delight your senses.


Audio previews
(needle drop samples from each track)

Mushroom Side
Other Side
Fungus of Terror - Black Sash
Matango! - Tipsy
Mushroom PPL - Solar X
Attack of the Mushroom People - Snakeoiler

The limited edition beautifully packaged LP is available at select record shops around the world.

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