what is it:
a MIDI-enabled software recreation of the hardware M185 step sequencer, designed by RYK logo - developed with their input!

New version 2.1 available! (see Version History in Documentation for info)

what are its features:
Includes virtually all major functions from the hardware M185, and adds many new ones specific to the software version.

Multi-stage step sequencer with stage-selectable gate modes
Now expanded from 8 to 16 stages
Gate modes include Mute, Single, Multi and Hold
Trill mode available when in Multi mode within a stage
Polyphonic potential when using long Note Length values
Chord mode - allows for up to 5 note user-specified chords
Each stage can be from 1 to 8 clock pulses in length
Constrain notes to scale - new pentatonic mode
Global transpose
- new easy octave up and octave down buttons
Internal or MIDI clock control
Built-in clock divide capability
Forward, reverse, ping pong, random & Brownian "drunken walk" modes
• Note pitch, stage length and stage mode randomization functions
• Stage lock to prevent randomization or MIDI note input changes

MIDI output to any hardware or software synth
• VST instrument hosting, and now VST3 and AU as well(AU is Mac only) new icon
ReWire audio slave support
16 preset slots for instant recall of parameters
Presets can be saved to and loaded from disk
• External MIDI controllers support via MIDI CC messages, with MIDI learn
• MIDI note control of currently active stage via MIDI keyboard

• Can specify default MIDI device and controller map
* Basic Dark Mode support on Mac Mojave (10.14)
new icon
* Now entirely a 64-bit application
new icon

let me see it:
click thumbnail above for screenshot. Overview video below (video using v1.0)!

Also, check out these video examples of what a hardware M185 can do!

i want to learn more:
read the full documentation (pdf, 1.02 MB), or ask questions in our forum
what do i need to use it:

Mac OS X 10.11.6 - 10.14.x, Intel only, 64-bit plugins only

Windows 7,8 or 10, 64-bit only, 64-bit plugins only
i want to try it:
have fun with the free Demo Version (it's fully functional except it won't allow you to use the excellent presets feature, and will time out after 30 minutes)
i want to buy it:
$40 USD

PayPal only, no returns -- please try the demo first to see if you like it.
Once we receive notification from PayPal of your payment, we will e-mail you secure download details within a maximum of 72 hours, and usually within less than 24 hours. You will not receive any software or documentation via postal mail, only an electronic download.

who made it:
Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software
what made it:
created using Cycling '74 technology
i have a question:
please ask in our forum
any other cool stuff:
go take a look
  © 2011-2018 Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software, All Rights Reserved
who's using it:

(Daniel Miller, Mute Records founder)
Daniel Miller

cEvin Key
(Skinny Puppy, Cyberaktif, Tear Garden, Doubting Thomas, etc...)

... and what they're saying:

Synthesizer Magazin
(Germany - Issue 28, Sept 2011)
Synthesizer Magazin
Read the M-185 and Klee reviews (in German)

RYK logo
(M185 hardware sequencer creator)
"The closest to the real thing you can get without knobs!"

Grizzle icon Grizzle (from the Cycling '74 forums)
Cycling74 logo"It's an animal sequencer. I used to drool over that Roland vid thinking I would never have it in my little eurorack and then you come along to save the day :-)"